Volkswagen NMS spills out. Y-A-W-N . . .

Grainy images of the new Volkswagen NMS (New Mid-sized Sedan) have found their way on to the internet a month before the new four door is due to make its world debut at the Detroit auto show.
Suggestions are one of the German car maker's Chinese partners, Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive, issued the long shot images to selected Chinese based motoring publications in a bid to quell intensive speculation surrounding the NMS.
Holding true to earlier renderings released by the German car maker, the NMS boasts a decidedly conservative appearance that leans heavily on the recently introduced seventh-generation Passat.
Volkswagen plans to produce the new car in both North American and China.
Further details as they become available . . .

Volkswagen NMS (New Mid-sized Sedan)


  1. Congratulations, you have the original ones, good job. I'm buring to see jokesforblog in all photos of NMS Volkswagen.

    One question, the TSI in the picture are from this car or for another?


  2. this car ... I'll post details to the engine line-up

  3. Chinese NMS Specs Revealed

    Length = 4870mm / 191.7 inches
    Width = 1834mm / 72.2 inches
    Height = 1472mm / 58 inches
    Wheelbase = 2803mm / 110.3 inches

    1.4 TSI, 1.8TSI and 2.0TSI planned for Chinese market.