Volkswagen considering Passat CC wagon

Passat CC: sporting wagon variant on the way?

Volkswagen is poised to decide on a proposal to broaden the Passat CC line-up through the addition of a sporting wagon, according to sources close to the German car maker’s upper level management.
A series of styling proposals for the second generation CC were recently presented to Volkswagen board members. They are said to favour a repositioning of the car, taking it further up-market to compete with the likes of the BMW 5-series and Mercedes-Benz E-class with both a sedan and wagon.
Among a series of designs for a replacement of today’s CC sedan, Volkswagen board members also saw proposals for a new wagon variant, which is described as being “very low and sleek”. With its upcoming NMS (New Mid-sized Sedan) not planned to be built in wagon form, Volkswagen may use a wagon variant of the CC to bolster its North American line-up following a decision not to import the new seventh-generation Passat which recently went on sale in Europe.
Also under discussion for the CC is a new name. “The CC has its own individual identity. There is no reason why it should share the Passat name. This is a mistake of past management,” an insider at the company’s Wolfsburg based headquarters in Germany, who asked not to be named, told TheAutoInsider.
The move by Volkswagen bosses to expand the CC line-up to include a wagon model would mirror the decision by Mercedes-Benz to provide the CLS range with a new wagon inspired by the Shooting Break concept wheeled out at this year’s Beijing auto show.

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