Alfa plans two pot Mito with double clutch gearbox

Alfa Romeo is preparing a new entry level version of the Mito powered by the top-of-the-line version of parent company Fiat’s 875cm3 two-cylinder Multi Air gasoline engine.

The new unit, which is claimed to kick out 105bhp, is one of three versions of the compact two-cylinder engine, which measures just 13.8 inches (350mm) in length, eventually planned for production.

According to sources at Fiat’s headquarters in Turin, Italy, there is also a naturally aspirated 65bhp version of the Multi Air engine under the final stages of development and earmarked to head into the new Fiat Panda, which is planned to get its first public airing at the 2011 Frankfurt auto show.

The new naturally aspirated 65bhp and turbocharged 105bhp engines will join the existing turbocharged 85bhp version of the two-cylinder Fiat engine already used in the 500.

Along with the compact new engines, Fiat is also close to signing off development on a new double clutch gearbox conceived specifically to work in combination with the two-cylinder engine at torque loads up to 140lb ft (190Nm).

The new gearbox is said to allow the Mito fitted with the 105bhp two-cylinder Multi Air engine to achieve combined cycle consumption of “around 4.0L/100km” – some 58.8mpg for those in North America. By comparison, the current entry level version of the Mito, which runs a 78bhp 1.4-litre four-cylinder gasoline engine, achieves a claimed 39.9mpg (5.9L/100km).

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