Dagger GT aims for the stars

Dagger GT
New details have begun to emerge on the Dagger GT – a new two seat supercar that’s aiming to lift the world’s fastest car crown from the recently introduced Bugatti EB16.4 Veyron SuperSport, whose 268mph (431km/h) presently makes it the fastest road going series production car of all time.
According to US-based TranStar Racing, the company behind the new car, the Dagger GT is set to be geared to hit 314mph (505km/h) flat out – a mark that would, if achieved, raise the current mark by a remarkable 46mph (74km/h), or almost 17 per cent.
Taking into account drag losses, though, TranStar, expects the Dagger GT to hit something in the region of 298mph (480km/h). Planned to go into production at TranStar Racing in early 2011, with the first five cars planned to be completed by this time next year, the Dagger GT is powered by a heavily reworked version of General Motors’ LS7 engine, as used in the Corvette ZR1, modified by Nelson Racing Engine. In production guise it boasts a capacity of 6.2-litres, but TranStar has extended the bore and stroke to give it a whopping 9.4-litre swept volume. Other changes include the addition of two turbochargers from US firm Turbonetics. Mounted behind the Dagger GT’s two seat cockpit, the monster V8 is claimed to kick out 2000bhp and 1997lb ft (2710Nm) of torque.
With a projected kerb weight of 3000lb (1361kg), this translates to a weight-to-power ratio of 1.5lb per bhp (1.4bhp per kilogram). By comparison, the 1200bhp 8.0-litre W16 powered EB16.4 Veyron SuperSport possesses 3.4lb per bhp (0.6bhp per kilogram).  Transferring the mammoth reserves is a custom build six-speed manual transaxle from Mendeola Transaxles. It’s all theoretical at the moment, but TranStar, quotes a 0-60mph time of just 1.5sec and a standing quarter mile (400 metre) time of 6.6sec. The Dagger GT has a length of 192 inches (4880mm), width of 84 inches (2134mm) and height of 43.8 inches (1112mm). It also rides on a wheelbase of 106 inches (2692mm).    

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