Ford Australia eyes exports of the Falcon . . . again

Ford Falcon GT
Word at Ford’s Australian outpost suggests the Ford Falcon GT is once again being groomed for export, possibly to the US, as part of the Blue Oval’s renewed plans to build global cars.

The rapid four-door sedan, rival to the Holden Commodore GTS, was developed entirely Downunder by a team at Ford Performance Vehicles. Centerpiece for the fastest Falcon model ever is supercharged version of Ford's 5.0-litre V8 Coyote engine that puts out 449bhp (335kW) and 420lb ft (570Nm) of torque.

A report on possible export plans for the Falcon GT posted on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website quotes Ford Australia spokesperson, Sinead McAlary, who says: “The team at Ford Performance Vehicles is on the record about their desire to potentially use the supercharged V8 elsewhere in the Ford world,” adding, “It’s no surprise to us that others would love to experience what we have on offer down here.”

McAlary’s comments come after Ford’s US-based vice president of global marketing, Jim Farley, publically acknowledged that Ford has reworked its worldwide production strategy to build what he calls “global cars”.

Farley recently confirmed Ford’s plans call for a more performance based focus to its global line-up, including possible new rear wheel drive models for the US market.

Ford Australia looked at exporting the current model Falcon, which has already been engineered for left-hand drive, to the US and other key world markets back in 2007. The move, which apparently had the blessing of Ford’s global product development boss Derrick Kuzak, was aimed mirroring Holden’s export of the Commodore SS to the US as the Pontiac G8. However, the downturn in the world’s economy and rising oil prices forced the plans to be shelved until now.

Along with go-fast versions of the Falcon, Ford Australia is also rumored to be eyeing exports of its new second-generation Territory, official sketches of which were issued recently, to selected markets, including the Middle East.

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Ford's possible export of the Falcon and Territory follows news that Holden is once again looking at bringing the Commodore SS to the US market badged as Chevrolet. See full story here:

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