Who ya goin to call? Opel Zafira revealed . . . as a ghost

Competing for the most corny public relations move of the year award, Opel has revealed the third generation Zafira as a ghostly hologram in a photograph that also features the European General Motors subsidiary's smiling design boss, Mark Adams, holding an iPad.

The hologram . . . opps, no, the Zafira Tourer Concept to be revealed at the Geneva auto show provides a clear hint at what the production version of the new Opel MPV will look like when it goes on sale across Europe in late 2011.

The Zafira's front end styling is clearly influenced by that of the Opel Ampera - the European version of the Chevrolet Volt, with boomarang shaped headlamps and front air ducts. It also appears to get four conventional front hinged doors, unlike the new Ford C-Max which adopts the sliding variety at the rear.

Corntastic! Adams and the ghost of Zafira
Even more corny than presenting a car as a hologram, Opel describes the new Zafira as a “Lounge On Wheels”, claiming it takes "on-board flexibility to a new level of sophistication and comfort."

“We’ve applied the lounge concept to a motor vehicle,” profers Adams. “A lounge is a place you want to escape to and relax, a place where you really want to be. We wanted to offer the same feeling in a monocab and make it the lounge you want to spend time in.”

Lounge? That'd be where you lay back and watch the Packers winning the Superbowl on a mammoth flat screen TV in HD with a six pack in one hand and a bowl of crisps in the other. Not a Zafira. No way!

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