Sacre blue! Mercedes-Benz to revive Vaneo . . . on Renault Kangoo underpinnings

Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled a new advertising slogan across Europe: the best or nothing. Perhaps that should read: cheap and rudimentry. Because the latest word out of Stuttgart is that Mercedes-Benz has decided to revive its notoriously slow selling Vaneo commerical van. And the surprise news is that it's not basing the second-generation model on the new third generation A-class's MFA platform but the rudimentry underpinnings of the second-generation Renault Kangoo.

First-generation Vaneo was a "real"
Mercedes-Benz. The second-generation model is
set to be a Renault Kangoo in "drag:
Furthermore, it's planning to let Renault build the new five seater, which will also come in civilian guise to provide the best-or-nothing touting Germans with a rival to the popular (in Europe at least) Volkswagen Caddy.

Oh, and that's not the end of the story! The new Vaneo will also come with Renault engines and gearboxes.

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