Official hi-res pictures: Smart Forspeed

Mercedes-Benz's city car division, Smart, has whipped the wraps off an electric powered concept car called the Forspeed.

The new two seater, prematurely revealed in a series of patent images last month, recalls the look of the company's earlier Crossblade, complete with a cut down windscreen and domes behind the cabin.

Unlike that car, however, Smart says the Forspeed is not intended for production. Instead it is said to provide a glimpse at the sort of styling Mercedes-Benz design team is considering for the third-generation of the Fortwo coupe and its open top sibling, the Fortwo convertible, due in 2012 and 2013 respectively.

Power for the ForSpeed comes from an upgraded version of the Fortwo ED's plug-in electric system that uses a 40bhp motor in combination with a lithium ion battery pack. It's claimed to hit 37mph (60km/h) in 5.5sec and boasts a range of 84miles (135km) between recharges.


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