Official pictures: BMW 1-series ActiveE

BMW has revealed the production version of the 1-series ActiveE – a plug-in electric version of its entry level coupe to be produced in a limited run of around 1000 units and offered on a lease deal similar to that of the Mini E.

Another Geneva auto show debutant, it previews the driveline set to appear in BMW’s upcoming MegaCity vehicle; the new two door has been conceived to act as a prototype for the German car maker’s eagerly awaited carbon fibre electric car due out in 2013.

Drive comes via a brushless electric motor. It’s mounted up back within a modified rear axle together with the electronic management system that controls its operation. It puts out a peak 170bhp together with 184lb ft (250Nm) of torque. That’s enough, says BMW, to propel the 1-series ActiveE to 62mph from standstill in 9.0sec, while pushing it to a limited 90mph (145km/h) top speed.

Electrical energy is supplied by three lithium-ion battery packs – one up in the nose, another running down the centre line of the floorpan within the transmission tunnel and a third under the rear seat.

BMW claims a range of 150 miles on the US cycle. Charge time, meanwhile, is put at around eight hours, or just four using a 380 volt high amp charger that will be delivered with the new car.

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