What if? Lancia Stratos GT2 and WRC

What do you do after designing a modern day Lancia Stratos?
That's the question the new Stratos' designers Chris Hrabalek and Salome Etienne say they asked themselves following the recent unveiling of the spiritual successor to one of the world's most celebrated supercars and four time Rally Monte Carlo winner.
The answer to their question can be seen here in the form of a spectacular track orientated version of the reborn Stratos designed to comply with the FIA's current GT2 regulations.
With the new mid-engined coupe already based around the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, the new car has been conceived to adopt the driveline and other race components from the 430 Scuderia GT2 says Hrabalek, the former Volkswagen designer whose independent design company is behind the look of the reborn Lancia Stratos. For the moment the race track Stratos is mere fantasy - a scale model, in fact. But given the enthusiasm and momentum behind the resurrection of the Stratos legend, don't rule it out.

The GT2 is not the only version of the new Lancia Stratos we can look forward to.
Michael and Maximilian Stroschek, the men behind the new car, have also unveiled a full sized mock up of the new Stratos wearing the same iconic Alitalia livery as the original Lancia works rally team cars. Like the Stratos GT2 (above), there are no immediate plans for production. But as Michael Stroschek says: it never hurts to ask, what if?

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