Maserati SUV plans take shape

Sergio Marchionne has further fuelled talk about the possibility of a new SUV being added to the Maserati line-up by telling the Wall Street Journal he is totally in favour of such a vehicle.
Speaking about the four-wheel drive Jeep Grand Cherokee underpinnings the proposed new Maserati model is set to share, the Fiat and Chrysler boss said: “This is just a great architecture. Why wouldn't I put Maserati on it?”
Originally developed by DaimlerChrylser, the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s underpinnings, which go under the codename GC, are closely related to those used by the Mercedes-Benz M-, R- and GL-class.
Rather than backing away from comments he made during a conference call with journalists suggesting Maserati will get its own SUV based on the same platform as the latest Jeep Cherokee, Marchionne went as far as to suggest the new Porsche Cayenne rivalling SUV would be built alongside the Jeep Grand Cherokee, its mechanical identical sibling the Dodge Durango and a proposed Alfa Romeo SUV at Chrysler’s Jefferson North factory in Detroit, North America.

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