New Briliance concept car caught before unveiling

Brilliance, the Chinese car maker with close links to BMW (the two operate a joint venture that produces 3- and 5-series models for the domestic Chinese market), is working on a new concept car.

Caught here for the first time the new five door hatchback/crossover has reportedly been styled by ex-Pininfarina designer Dimitri Vicedomin who now heads up design operations at Brilliance. Hands up those who see cues from the Lancia Delta, Alfa Romeo Giulietta,Alfa Romeo Brera and Alfa Romeo Kamal concept in the new Chinese car's lines . . .

We figure the new Brilliance concept is a planned replacement for the Splendor/FRV/FSV line. But with a firm tongue in cheek we're already calling it the Alfa Romeo Delta here at 

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