Volkswagen flexing muscle at Porsche

It's less than a week since Porsche was disolved into the Volkswagen Group, becoming one of ten brands under the direct control of the German car making giant. But already officials from Wolfsburg are attempting to exert their influence in Zuffenhausen. According to one key insider we spoke to today, the Volkswagen Group's supervisory board chairman, Ferdinand Piech, along with its chairman, Martin Winterkorn, are pushing for Porsche to add a sixth model to its line-up in the form of a comapct SUV positioned beneath the Cayenne. The new four-wheel drive, long speculated upon within the automotive media, would share its underpinnings with the Audi Q5 - a car that has no direct siblings and, according to our source at Porsche, is rather more expensive to build than its rivals, the BMW X3 and Mercedes-Benz GLK. By twinning its with a new price leading Porsche SUV, the Volkswagen Group could expect higher volumes and lower production costs for the Audi Q5. We asked for an official statement, but as usual Porsche isn't prepared to comment on any speculation surrounding its future model line-up.

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